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Love the Process

So, I started a 31 day daily painting challenge on October 1, then our youngest son got married on October 7, then I took a pastel workshop October 12-14, then I took a breath.

When all the merriment of the wedding was over but before all the information from the workshop sunk in I tried to paint, but it felt hard and heavy. I stood in front of my easel seeing the finished piece in my mind but afraid to paint because I knew I couldn’t produce what I saw in my head.

Thanks to the patience of a dear friend, the wisdom of my best friend, and the spunk of a new friend I realized that I’ve been so focused on producing a masterpiece that I’ve forgotten to how much I love the process.

Time to start the day with a cup of coffee and some doodles, color play, and material experimentation. I will be posting my Love the Process images daily on instagram, http://www.instagram.com/stacymayou

Love the Process day 1, Tulips, soft pastel on gray pastel board

Love the Process day 2, Tulips, soft pastel on gray pastel board

A Saved Fail

First attempt went horribly wrong. Was going to throw it away and start over, but getting pastel paper ready is a process and honestly I didn’t have another 12 x 18 sheet ready to go. So I took a dry brush and brushed off as much pastel as I could (I am sorry I didn’t get a picture of that – the ghost image was pretty neat), sprayed the sheet with fix and started over. Very impressed that not only was I able to save the paper I like the final painting.

Yellow Glow

Yellow Glow