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The Eye of the Artist

Rose Hill, 12 x 9, pastel, February 2019

Continuing my research into style I wanted to explore the artist’s eye. It stands to reason that styles are different because what we see is different.

The Masters see the world differently than most.  There are scientific reasons for this:  stereoblindness (wall-eyed), divergent thinking, non-attentional blindness and a few others. But what makes them Masters is that they are open to this.  As Picasso said, “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”  They seem to have understood that divergent thinking can be a powerful tool. By noticing things others don’t have time to see they can jar us out of our habit of seeing what our brain tell us we see.

My college professors would tell us not to identify the object, instead look at the entire scene: lines, shadows, shapes and contours.  They would also have us close our dominant eye before beginning a drawing. These are ways to see the world as it is, not as our brain tells us it is.  I wish I had understood their importance and had continued using them all these years.

I watch artists’ videos, high speed demos, their progress shots and marvel at what they are able to create. I love the idea of several artists painting from the same reference, you would end up with several extremely different approaches, processes and finished paintings. It is how they see the the subject matter and their style working together that makes their art their own.


Day 5

Jim has titled this piece ‘damn global warming’ probably because the snow looks like a tsunami wave. He is a great critic and I both need his insights and look forward to his comments!

I didn’t have much time for painting today, and no planning. Slap the paper on the board and go. 

This is from memory of a cold, windy day when I felt sorry for the birds huddling in the tree.

damn global warming

Day 2 & 3

Two winter landscapes

Day 2

through the woods

Yesterday’s painting may have had a few too many colors, so today I chose my colors and tried to stick to just those. Unfortunately the background color I chose was too intense and I overworked the painting trying to correct the problem. But I am really pleased with the water and rocks in the foreground.

Day 3

shull run

It’s all about your mindset, right?

ice treesWhen you think of winter in a work week mindset of getting to and from work, school, and the grocery store; the frigid wind, shoveling and icy streets are almost as unbearable as the intense stagnant summer heat. But when you think of winter in a Saturday mindset it is beautiful!

This picture was actually taken last winter. It has been much gloomier so far this winter. However, the sun is out today, and we are supposed to get freezing rain tonight – I am hopeful for some winter wonderful amazing shots in the morning!