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Shull Run in Purple

I painted this a few weeks ago. I have been working on bold strokes, and trying not to over work the painting – much to learn still – so I chose bold colors to help me quickly see the strokes!

Because it is subject matter that is close to my heart it was pleasing. I taped it to the wall to live with it for awhile. When I do that I see things I need to change, areas that don’t register as I wanted them to and other options I could have tried. Some of the things I think about when looking at paintings on the wall are, would I love it if I walked into a room and saw it, would I purchase it, and would I hang it on a wall in my house. The unfortunate answer for this painting was no. Although I loved the color it just didn’t make my heart sing.

Shull Run in Purple
12 x18
March 2017

With nothing to loose I thought I would try to re-work it, see if it could be saved. I will have to hang it on the wall and think about it for another few weeks to know for sure. At this point I am still not convinced it is a keeper, but I am impressed with how different the image is with a little color adjustment.


Shull Run in Purple
12 x18
March 2017


Chisholm Trail

I understand that some of the world doesn’t agree, however, I think the Kansas landscape is gorgeous. Wide open fields, tall colorful grasses, and the sky is huge yet so close. Kansas not only is beautiful, some great people live there – people who know where they come from, people who don’t take themselves to seriously, people who know how to have fun. It makes me smile to paint Kansas landscapes for these reasons.

I have been wanting to take a stab at this painting since I saw the view at the Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Club on October. It was sunset and the wild prairie grass was gorgeous in the fading light.

I decided to try an acrylic underpainting, once that dried I applied gesso so the pastels could be applied. Even with the gesso it was different painting on top of an acrylic underpainting.


acrylic underpainting


Gesso over the acrylic underpainting – still wet

I couldn’t wait for the gesso to dry, the image was calling me! So I started on the sky and tree line while waiting for the bottom to dry. I like how the tree line and sky worked – took a picture in case the final image didn’t work – you just never really know!



sky and tree line in progress while gesso continues to dry



Chisholm Trail, Benton KS

The final image turned out very well and is compelling even from across the room!