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August 2017

I almost titled this blog disappointed. It wouldn’t have been completely accurate. I am disappointed with the number of paintings I completed this month and the number of drawings and portraits I worked on, but it was such a good month filled with family and friends that I couldn’t possibly be disappointed with August!

September and October will be even busier with even bigger celebrations! My take away (again, I’ve thought this once or twice before) is that I have to get comfortable drawing and painting in front of other people. Easy to say, so so so hard to do.

A few of my favorite sketches from August.

My studio!


On good days I get texts with ‘doodles’. These doodles come from a young man (my son) who is a dynamo with a pencil, albeit unbeknownst to himself. It doesn’t matter what kind of paper or the drawing implement, and the subject matter is completely out of his head, sometimes light and happy, sometimes a bit disturbing. Either way, I love to get these texts, they just make me happy.

Several months ago I printed a few of these images with the intention of adding color, just because he won’t and it would be fun!

Finally I have the time to work on this…here is our first collaboration!

Original artwork by Carl Mayou


Collaborative piece

Collaborative piece