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Blessed in the City of Brotherly Love

A Billy Joel concert with the fam was an early birthday present! The show fabulous! The scenery gorgeous (and crazy clean for the Democratic Nation Convention)!

I am really enjoying being closer to family. Can’t explain what it is like, seeing these people once a year on a good year for the past 28 years and suddenly able to go play for a night and skip out the door the next morning knowing I will see them again in a week or two is surreal.

I also am truly enjoying the time I’ve had to paint. I have had a few really bad days where I question why I bother, but most days are good. I keep attempting images way beyond my ability and am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Ideas for next images flow faster than I can write them down, I think about painting tomorrow when I lay down at night, dream about it and wake up ready to go. Crazy, incredible opportunity I have been given!




Waiting for Billy!


Liberty Bell with Independence Hall behind, 9 x 12 pastel painting on Strathmore pastel paper

Liberty Bell with Independence Hall behind, 9 x 12 pastel painting on Strathmore pastel paper


Breakfast, 5 x 7 pastel painting on carson watercolor paper

Breakfast, 5 x 7 pastel painting on carson watercolor paper

To Join Closely and Firmly


(used with object)
knitted or knit, knitting.
1. to make (a garment, fabric, etc.) by interlocking loops of one or more yarns either by hand with knitting needles or by machine.

to join closely and firmly, as members or parts (often followed by together):

My mother taught me to knit when I was 10. At the time it was not trendy, and you had to buy pattern brochures or books. There were basically two choices, sweaters or blankets. There also weren’t very many choices of yarn, worsted weight and baby weight.

Even though knitting is now trendy and there are so many patterns and yarn options I still have a thing for blankets! What they offer when completed is what keeps me coming back to them. Blankets offer warmth. They are a hug from a miles away; they join closely and firmly. Now Jack and Carl, don’t think I don’t love you – I actually made you blankets years ago – like 18 or 19, when we lived in Florida; unfortunately I was not smart enough to realize that someday you would appreciate them so when we moved to England I donated them. I have a few good years left before arthritis makes it difficult to knit and fully expect to correct the error I made years ago!

bedspread with pillow shams and decorative pillows

For Rose and Hussein’s first anniversary I made them a queen size bedspread. Off white, gorgeous cables, laced down the middle for easy cleaning (maybe), a true thing of beauty. But when she sent me pictures of it on her guest bed it was uninspiring and flat, so for their second anniversary ~ plus a few months I made s a few pieces to go with it.
Now she and her guests will feel warm and loved!


This year is going to be a rough one for me. Our youngest is a senior, so a lot of lasts. Last night was the last marching band festival in a nine year run. I pray my grand kids play and I have more, but I will have to learn what to do with my Octobers as a non band mom now. It was much harder on me than I thought it would be, but I am hoping that for every hard day I get a great day like today!

20131027-191022.jpg    20131027-192241.jpg

Today was pumpkin carving day! As in many homes across America, pumpkin carving is a tradition we always look forward to. Before our older could walk she had carved a pumpkin! When they were young it took all day, I remember us thinking it wouldn’t always be an all day event, but as they got older we spent more time in the patch picking the perfect pumpkins, planning our designs and displays. Now this tradition involves friends, neighbors, chili and chocolate!


All of my gorgeous children may not be here every year, but my husband and I will continue this tradition as long as we are capable and hopefully share our creations with our children through Instagram or FaceTime!