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Day 12, daily painting challenge

Painting before work wasn’t an option today. I was hopeful I would have the chance to paint after work but other responsibilities and Christmas got in the way. C’est la vie. It does give me the opportunity to post this acrylic painting I did earlier in December!

It is  30×40 inches, acrylic, Fourth Lake, Adirondack region NY

Fourth Lake, Adirondack NY, 30×40 inches, acrylic, December 2018

Day 11, 6×6 daily painting challenge

This a raku fired vase I made in college, no glaze, so it is a gorgeous flat grey/black all over. My concept was a monochromatic painting – I was not successful – painting with all grey is harder than it appears.

‘black vase’ 6×6, pastel, 19 December, 2018


Day 10, 6×6 daily painting challenge

‘Breakfast’ 6×6, pastel painting, 18 December, 2018

yesterday I used my Unison 16 half stick pastel set and loved that I only had about 8 sticks that worked for that color scheme. So today I used a limited palette again. I do miss the hints of other colors, but I am also loving the contrast and simplicity that a limited palette offers. Today’s painting is all Terry Ludwig pastels, limited to 10 total, 6 orange, 4 blue. I should have only used 3 blue and probably only 5 orange!