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Day 12, daily painting challenge

Painting before work wasn’t an option today. I was hopeful I would have the chance to paint after work but other responsibilities and Christmas got in the way. C’est la vie. It does give me the opportunity to post this acrylic painting I did earlier in December!

It is  30×40 inches, acrylic, Fourth Lake, Adirondack region NY

Fourth Lake, Adirondack NY, 30×40 inches, acrylic, December 2018

Love the Process update

I began a Love the Process challenge 13 days ago. It is a challenge to create art everyday, but love creating, not the product. It has been an incredibly fun and freeing challenge so far. It is my goal to make sure that continues, and hopefully my skills will improve along the way too!

Here are some of the pieces I have created.

I am posting my artwork everyday at https://www.instagram.com/stacymayou/

Hydrangeas, 7 x 12, pastel painting, November 2017


Gold Heart, 5 x 5, colored pencil, November 2017

The Bass Player, 8 x 10, pastel painting, October 2017

Stella – self portrait, 9 x 12, pastel painting, October 2017

Lou, 6 x 12, colored pencil, October 2017

Sunday Morning, 14 x 11, acrylic paint, October 2017

A Little Lace, colored pencil, October 2017

Mom’s Tulips, 7 x 5, pastel painting, October 2017

Love Birds, 10 x 4, Markers, October 2017

A Saved Fail

First attempt went horribly wrong. Was going to throw it away and start over, but getting pastel paper ready is a process and honestly I didn’t have another 12 x 18 sheet ready to go. So I took a dry brush and brushed off as much pastel as I could (I am sorry I didn’t get a picture of that – the ghost image was pretty neat), sprayed the sheet with fix and started over. Very impressed that not only was I able to save the paper I like the final painting.

Yellow Glow

Yellow Glow

Fall sunset

I think I’m in love with this painting of the sunset over the river and through the trees. It is as abstract as I have done in years. 

The surface is ready for another layer, as I had planned to add more dark like the source image below. I’m stuck, however, and would love some feedback please. Add more dark or leave it bright, busy and slightly abstract? 


My first painting on Strathmore pastel paper coated with Liquitex clear gesso. It has a great texture for pastels, as glorious as sandpaper without the risk of wearing off ones finger prints!

I achieved a lot of depth in this painting and also the overall green feeling of the lighting Wednesday afternoon. Still need to practice layering pastels and using darks effectively.