Day 2, 6×6 daily painting challenge

Poinsettia, 6×6, pastel, 10 December 2018

I did paint this on yesterday, 10 December 2018. I posted it on my Instagram, Twitter (I think) and my MayouArt Facebook page, but not here. I have all my social media connected in one crazy way or another. I will post daily here so I have a record of my progress that I can track.

I am still hopeful that when I get home I will have the energy for today’s 6×6, but as so many days for me lately – it was early to work and it will be late home. I am calling BullShit on the work life balance thing. It is a ploy employers use to make you think that some day you will be rewarded for all your hard work. It won’t be today and don’t expect it in your paycheck, but balance is very important to us! I digress – keep your fingers crossed for me please!

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