Third Times A Charm


I have been having a loud painful argument with this painting for the last three days. It started out so promising, but all those damn leaves – it’s very frustrating to not be able to paint leaves when you live surrounded by trees.

I learned that brushing off pastel is a messy business but you do get the paper tooth back and are able to start over.

The first painting was pretty good. The leaves on the branches high in the sky were not my favorite, but it was the warm deep blue sky color that caused me to brush it off and try it again, it was too warm against the green and yellow.

1st attempt, sky blue too warm

After brushing off the top of the painting I set in to cool the sky blue. I was successful in that, but lost the rest of the painting and the tree branches and leaves high in the sky were horrible wimpy marks. I couldn’t brush it off fast enough this morning!

2nd attempt, sky blue is cool, the leaves and branches are not.

I think I may have finally captured the feeling of the Allegheny Trail I was trying to convey. The sky is dramatic, it looks like a bright spring day and the feeling that the trail needs to be walked even though it heads into dark unknown is there. I would love to hear feedback on this one. I don’t think I can paint it again for a minute, but I will definitely be back to this scene to give it another go.

Allegheny Trail, 16 x 20, pastel painting, June 2017

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