Shull Run in Purple

I painted this a few weeks ago. I have been working on bold strokes, and trying not to over work the painting – much to learn still – so I chose bold colors to help me quickly see the strokes!

Because it is subject matter that is close to my heart it was pleasing. I taped it to the wall to live with it for awhile. When I do that I see things I need to change, areas that don’t register as I wanted them to and other options I could have tried. Some of the things I think about when looking at paintings on the wall are, would I love it if I walked into a room and saw it, would I purchase it, and would I hang it on a wall in my house. The unfortunate answer for this painting was no. Although I loved the color it just didn’t make my heart sing.

Shull Run in Purple
12 x18
March 2017

With nothing to loose I thought I would try to re-work it, see if it could be saved. I will have to hang it on the wall and think about it for another few weeks to know for sure. At this point I am still not convinced it is a keeper, but I am impressed with how different the image is with a little color adjustment.


Shull Run in Purple
12 x18
March 2017


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