Veteran’s Day second thought

As we remember the sacrifices made by the Veteran’s who have and continue to defend our great nation, I hope your second thought is a thank you for their families. Especially, the spouses and significant others.

Some days, it is glorious to support the country by supporting a military spouse or significant other. Many days it is not. We all know being in the military is a life, duty, not a job. It is a life-calling. Eat, sleep, breath the mission. From personal experience, I know if the job wasn’t done correctly, people’s lives were in danger. People I knew and respected. It is not glorious when you can’t call and talk to your military spouse on a random Thursday afternoon about an incident involving your child at school. It isn’t glorious to quit your job because the third of your three children now has the flu and your boss has already said no more sick days. Your military spouse/significant other does not, can not, would never call in sick unless they themselves could not get their uniform on. It is not glorious when your military spouse gets an assignment that you are not on. It is not glorious when they can’t come home for dinner, 6 months, or a birthday party you’ve been planning for a month because the military comes first.

Yet, these spouses and significant others understand that every American suffers and accepts those less than glorious moments as their duty.

So, please thank as many Veteran’s as you can today, tomorrow and every day. As a second thought, give a nod to their families, the ones making sure they have no stress outside of completing the mission.
A special – not so second thought -Thank You to;

Hussein; you have accepted your initiation into the military with style and fortitude. It has not gone unnoticed, your strength is an inspiration.

Brittany; your commitment and loyalty shines so brightly, as witness to the power of love. I am excited for your adventure to continue united!

Sonya; keep letting your spirit and humanity offer gentle reassurance and steadfastness.


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