Ra Cha Cha

Rochester NY sky line

Rochester NY sky line

Years ago (like 10 or 12) my mom described to me a painting she had seen at the Lilac Festival in Rochester NY. She loved the texture and colors and knew that since I was an artist I could reproduce the piece. Alas, I was not a practicing artist at the time, I was trying to keep up with three teenagers and the painting she described was a large oil painting – at the time I had no oil paints in my house to even practice getting the textures she described – so I pushed her request to the way way way back burner. Then about 5 or 6 years ago she mentioned that what she would really like was a cityscape of Rochester to hang in the place she had wanted the oil. This seemed more doable to me, so I purchased the canvas and put some pencil marks on it and it sat collecting dust and spiders for a very long time.

I am pleased to report that I finally finished my moms painting and she seems pleased with it. It is always hard to tell with moms, I could have finished a lousy cityscape and she told me she loved it – even 12 years after she asked for me to create a painting for her bare wall – and because she loves me will spend the next 10-12 years with a lousy painting on her wall! If she redecorates the room in completely different colors, so the painting wouldn’t match, in the next few years I suppose I will have my answer!

Wether she loves it or not, wether it hangs on her wall for years or days, the lesson I have learned is not to make people you love wait for too long for an object you can create that will make them happy!

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