Hard to let go

It is important to know when to let go – knowing that it is time doesn’t make it any easier and even worse, doesn’t mean we do let go. There is always something beautiful or redeeming about the object or person we need to let go of. We could love the beauty even after we let go, but that doesn’t help parting.

I know when I do let go I feel better, clean, free – even if it takes time. I also know I remember what I gave up and what made it special to me. When we moved to the 800 square foot White House, we had to let go of a lot of things. Things that held great memories of people we love and times spent together. Some days I miss those times and people, but I do not need the objects. I still have the memories.

I know this and yet when faced with letting go of a failed painting, I couldn’t. I like the tree line and how the river moves along the banks. I also like the reflection of the trees in the water. So I tried to save it. I must have repainted the sky 5 times and the clouds reflection 4 times; until the pastels would no longer stick to the paper. In the end, the painting could not be saved. The irony is that I will hold onto this for awhile – to remind me to let go when it is time.


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