The Crooked Tree

I actually did a pre-drawing, wanted to make sure my composition and color scheme worked. This drawing was done on very smooth cheap drawing paper with pastels only. It was very helpful and I like it almost as much as the finished painting.

This is also the first painting that I have used a watercolor underpainting for. I love the technique. My underpainting was very literal for this one as I have limited greens and browns in my pastel arsenal. I was using the watercolors to expand my color palette. However, in the future I think it will be fun to use the underpainting for contrast and depth – I see it in my head!

I have decided that leaves stink to render and that my next purchase will be a landscape pastel set, it is difficult to capture trees without more options. I also think in my next painting I will try signing my name with a pastel pencil so it isn’t so large and chunky.

The Crooked Tree 9 x 12 Watercolor paper

The Crooked Tree
9 x 12 – watercolor paper

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