Weekly Drawing Challenge – Week 8

Enchanted Camp Adele, a magical place my father bought me years ago ( ok, not just me, but…) I was fortunate enough to spend a quiet weekend there last weekend. Just my father, my husband, Lucy and I.


lucy swimming in the creek


Pop and jim

We got a lot of work done on the camps and I got a chance to do a fast drawing.


stone arch bridge rockland station pa

I love this image, but found it frustrating that I still didn’t have all the colors I needed, but mostly that the pastels wouldn’t do what I expected them to do!

I spent about an hour wondering if I had decided to jump back into the world of creating with the wrong medium. Then I decided I just didn’t have the right tools.

So today I purchased some tools that are the next level up! I’m excited and terrified to see what this weekends drawing looks like!

What soft pastels do you use, love, recommend?

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