Living Legend

IMG_8374 A few weeks ago I was asked if Big Foot was living or legend and my response was a sheepishly common ‘Living Legend.’

A few days later while exploring Elk Falls my husband found these preserved Yeti tracks and took a photo. Proving the legend portion of my answer!

As for the living portion of my answer; my mother taught me not to dismiss or trifle with other peoples beliefs. Instead inquire, observe, learn. What you learn may lead you to amazing thoughts, ideas and even actions that you could never have gotten to on your own.

I also believe in the great mystery of the universe. I don’t want to know if the chicken or the egg cam first? I enjoy contemplating things beyond my ability to comprehend. I enjoy watching relationships and people mature and develop, deepen their understanding, grow in their commitment and the mystery of that growth and commitment. If we knew that Big Foot was a legend and not living what would I need to contemplate and wonder about anymore. I would know that the chicken morphed from another creature into itself and laid an egg, I would know that had I not moved to Palmyra NY in 4th grade I would be married to somebody else and would not still be searching for the one true love destiny promises us. I would know that the Lock Ness Monster never existed and the crying you hear at night is not Nessie’s sad song, it’s just the wind.

So as sheepishly common as my answer was, I stand by it. Big Foot is a Living Legend. And the great mystery of the universe remains completely in tact!

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