Weekly Drawing Challenge – Week 4

Yesterday Jim took me exploring, we have lived in Kansas since 2003, but spent most of our time taking care of the kids, now he gets me up on Saturday morning, fills my thermos with coffee, puts me in the car with my backpack full of supplies and drives! 

We ended up at Elk Falls – I’d like to say the drive out and back were gorgeous! Kansas is a beautiful state. I was incredibly overwhelmed by the spot he had picked for me to draw at. An amazing spot on Elk river with a waterfall surrounded by a rock ledge and trees all around. Breath taking, but I just started drawing again a month ago, and I have been struggling with water. Very intimidating and overwhelming. 


But, Jim has been so kind finding these places and wandering around while I attempt to capture them. How could I not give it a try.

It was 90 degrees out and I sat a drew for about an hour, Jim was getting hot and I was melting in my chair. So I packed up saying I’d finish it at home. I wasn’t happy with the drawing, but it was a good exercise.

I put off getting it out today until 3:30. Honestly, I was afraid of what I’d see. I had finished more than I thought I had, and it wasn’t bad. I spent about 30 minutes putting finishing touches on it and am doing a happy dance right now because it is so much better than I thought! 

Don’t misunderstand me, plenty of room for improvement, but hot damn! 


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