adjective: inspired

  1. as if arising from some external creative impulse.


Spent a few days in Michigan last week, why? This guy is an ice breaker, yes, that is what he does for a living, and very soon he is going to be extremely busy!

Photo Nov 10, 9 31 06 AM    Photo Nov 07, 5 23 21 PM

Not much is open in northern Michigan in November; it is truly a summer recreation spot – beautiful too. We did find an open antique store where I found a great mirror that I can’t wait to paint and a bean pot like I have been looking for for some time – look out pot lucks – I’m ready!

Photo Nov 08, 3 01 31 PM Photo Nov 10, 10 06 20 AM

We pulled into town at 6pm on Thursday after 17 hours driving, but that didn’t stop me from being completely in awe of a store front window and the pillows inside. We made it back to the store on Saturday and it was open! I am incredibly inspired by these wonderful items. Inspired to get the clay back out – it’s an itch that won’t be ignored much past December 25th – inspired to paint and draw, and redo the house.

Photo Nov 07, 2 29 17 PM

Photo Nov 07, 2 53 17 PM

Photo Nov 07, 2 49 49 PM

Photo Nov 07, 2 42 10 PM


Photo Nov 07, 2 51 38 PM

So many ideas spinning in my head I have been trying to catch them and put them on paper, maybe then I can figure out where to start!

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