Wicked Awesome!

Freedom Trail and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 72 hours!

Sunset from Jacob's Rock USCGA

For a military family this was an amazing trip, our country is so amazing! We learned things like the USS Constitution needs 26 feet of water to sail, she is called Old Ironsides because she was nicknamed Ironsides when cannon balls bounced off her sides during a battle with a British ship at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Her sides are three layers thick, one layer Live Oak – only found in the U.S.! The Old was added when she got old!

Freedom Trail

Paul Revere didn't own a horse! I am sorry I do not have a good image of his home, the neon lights from the party bus cause a wicked reflection! Yes, I am serious. If you get to Boston, tour the Samuel Adams brewery and take the trolley to Doyle's, sign up for the historic party bus ride! You will learn why Boston is called Bean Town, how many children Paul Revere had, where the constitution was first read to the public, JFK's favorite restaurant, when Old Ironsides is floated, and discharges her canons. Truly a unique experience!

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is a beautiful campus. It is the smallest of all the military academies. They are not a department of defense agency, they are a department of homeland security. I know Air Force and planes, so looking at all the ships and vessels we will have to learn about is going to be amazing! Coasties jobs range from rescue to patrol to port safety to marine engineering and architecture to marine environmental science. It is not an easy academy to get into, they will only be accepting 235 cadets out of @ 2,000 applicants. We live with one stoked young man, whose application is about ready to be submitted! Hoping we are going back on June 30th for 'R' day (reporting day)!

You have to love a trip where every turn is a history lesson and you get to learn with some of your favorite people!



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