This year is going to be a rough one for me. Our youngest is a senior, so a lot of lasts. Last night was the last marching band festival in a nine year run. I pray my grand kids play and I have more, but I will have to learn what to do with my Octobers as a non band mom now. It was much harder on me than I thought it would be, but I am hoping that for every hard day I get a great day like today!

20131027-191022.jpg    20131027-192241.jpg

Today was pumpkin carving day! As in many homes across America, pumpkin carving is a tradition we always look forward to. Before our older could walk she had carved a pumpkin! When they were young it took all day, I remember us thinking it wouldn’t always be an all day event, but as they got older we spent more time in the patch picking the perfect pumpkins, planning our designs and displays. Now this tradition involves friends, neighbors, chili and chocolate!


All of my gorgeous children may not be here every year, but my husband and I will continue this tradition as long as we are capable and hopefully share our creations with our children through Instagram or FaceTime!



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