Beautiful Dried Roses – how to

My daughter got engaged in April 13! She and I got beautiful Roses from the groom-to-be’s family. I knew I had to do something with them to preserve them for her, but have never had any luck with pressing roses. They just look like a smashed mess.

I decided to try drying the flowers with silica. Seemed easy, and really couldn’t find any other options that seemed to have as nice of an outcome.

Here is how I did it!
I started with three dozen beautiful roses – I waited too long – they were wilting pretty quickly, so I ended up with a lot less roses than I could have had.


This is the silica I used


You will need plastic buckets that seal air tight. I had these ice cream buckets in the garage – had to thank my husband for saving them – I usually complain about them!


Pour enough of the silica in the bottom of the bucket so the flowers will not sit on the plastic. With roses you need to pour the silica into the petals to make sure it dries inside as well as outside. Place them in the bucket and gently cover them completely. The information I read said to keep the flowers from touching – I tried, but my bukets weren’t quite large enough and some of them touched. I also added the babies breath and some of the greens in beteween the flowers. The silica is not toxic, but I didn’t use anything we would use in the kitchen again – just in case!




Once you have the flowers covered you seal the container and place in a draft free place for two weeks. After two weeks gently dump out the silica uncovering the flowers. They are brittle so handle them carefully!



They maintained their color amazingly well (the red roses did darken a little). The outcome was so impressive that I decided to put them in glass that way Rose (my daughter) can use them as gifts or keepsakes of that wonderful night!




3 thoughts on “Beautiful Dried Roses – how to

  1. Mayou Art

    P.S. don’t take your dried roses for a long car ride unless your 100% positive their container is air tight! We took the red ones to Colorado Springs for a gift, when we presented them we were very embarrassed to find they had molded terribly 😬 The flowers at home are still wonderful, however!



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