Rosie's Graduation Party Invitation

It isn’t very often I get to design a piece that is truly pre-defined. But I got to this year. This little party invitation started out looking much different, it took longer than it should have, only because I wasn’t respecting the design elements before me.

 In the beginning it was the USAF Academy logo in gold with muted sea foam blues, the font was formal and proper and it stood like a guard against anything personal. The invitation then transformed into blue and silver. I thought that the shine of the silver would be gorgeous next to the deep dark matte blue, but the blue was lost to the shine, and the font was still too rigid.

After 25 years of Air Force affiliation (married to and now mother of) you would think I would know, but this was a special invitation and I wanted something special to mail to friends and family.  

Not until I accepted the fact that the blue spoke for itself and that the symbol already spoke to the perfection we strive for and the tradition we cling to, that the fact it was an invitation was all the special required, did I end up with an invitation worthy of the woman we will celebrate.

Of course it is a party, so the use of fonts like Jacob Bold and Lithos Pro were in order. It like the graduate is all business and a little flare!

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